Maazel/Wiener Philharmoniker 1974

Label: Decca

This version has many similarities to the more recent TELARC one. There is a greater variation of tempi in this version, but for the most part that does not bother me. Generally, I prefer the TELARC. However, in some of the noisier passages, this version has even more drive. One part Maazel always seem to do different is the end of the mystic circle of the young girls, where he puts more emphasis on every strike on the bass drum and has a very much slower tempo than others. But I think it really works and is very effective, one of my favorite passages actually. On the other hand, the TELARC is more atmospheric in the slow section, that might partly be due to the TELARCs superior sound quality. This recording is not particularly good or bad, what you expect from an average older recording. The bass drum is audible, but nothing to write home about.

Artistic: 4

Sound: 3

Bass drum: 2